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Consistent lead flow is critical to your success as a final expense agent. FLIG advocates a diverse approach to purchasing leads. We recommend using at least two of the strategies shown below and generating referrals from your clients. ​Which two are most suitable will depend primarily on your location and to a lesser degree on your style, how you like to work. ​ We will evaluate lead flows in your area from the different types and make a recommendation. You will receive our exclusive "Lead Report" which will give you recent history of the number of leads generated, cost per lead and a profile of those that responded.

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Our Lead Types
On the agent level most of the marketing employed is of the "push" type. When we send a direct mail piece to a consumer  we are pushing the opportunity to them to purchase life insurance. If instead we encourage the lead to seek out our service in a moment of need we have employed a "pull" strategy. 
Seminars seek to attract attendees that are interested in the subject matter. Of course a senior apartment facility will have a large number of people interested in Final Expense, Medicare and critical illness plans. ​First, you have to give people an incredible amount of useful information. This will convince them of your knowledge of the topic and your willingness to share it.

Over the years, the consumer trend has shifted from purchasing life insurance face-to-face from an agent to buying over the phone or online. According to Limra:​
  •  In 1996, 80% preferred face-to-face interaction  
  •  In 2011, 64% preferred face-to-face interaction 
  •  In 2013, 50% preferred face-to-face interaction 
The shift in the Final Expense market is less dramatic, but still trending in the same direction as more of the Final Expense demographic use the internet to research their life insurance choices. 
Why does the telephone still work as a marketing tool? Times change, but at their core, people don’t. People still need the human touch to connect with others, especially the final expense demographic. Today's technology and the global economy have revolutionized telemarketing.
Considered the heartbeat of final expense leads, direct mail continues to be the most popular lead choice among agents.  FLIG has leveraged their volume with the best mail houses in the country to offer you direct mail leads at affordable prices. Choose from a variety of options.
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